It's time to get the FAME and FANS you deserve

Calling ALL energetic business owners who are ready to step into the limelight, own their personal brand and become a visible force in their industry

"I love Anna’s approach in that I felt guided using evidence-based tools to help nurture and grow my business, and Anna’s wealth of knowledge and encouragement, has empowered me to move through the blocks and fear that have often held me back from taking the first step. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to take their business to the next level".
-Kelley, Kokoro Health
"I am looking forward to utilising the pitching documents that you have provided. This is a huge pain point for me. I have a lot of ideas but no idea how to pitch or commence these collaborations or speak with the companies so I know that this is going to be very useful for me".

-Nicole, Rhythm First Aid
"I'd work with Anna again because she helped me create a strategy with clear action points to move forward with. She had a strong knowledge of the current media landscape and gave me practical guidance on how to pitch our Business Award win in a way that would be newsworthy - we picked up by our local paper which was a huge win!"

-Mary-Anne, Wise-Up Marketing
Are you chasing that mystical ‘next level’ in business? 
This ain’t no video game, this is your LIFE’S WORK – aka, your dream, your vision, your passion. Have things plateaued lately and as a result, you’re feeling stagnant, even though you’ve been kicking goals left, right and centre?

I get it and boy, have I been there. And because you feel flat, old mate ‘imposter syndrome’ has weaselled his way back in, leaving you unable to see yourself as an ‘expert’ in your niche. Instead, you’re worrying about what people will think if you start sharing more of your thought leadership on a bigger scale. You might even be holding back completely and not putting yourself out there at all (I see you, lurking in the shadows!).
Ironically, that ‘next level’ isn’t about YOU
I bet you’ve been trying all the things, too: lip syncing awkwardly on Instagram Reels; creating freebies that only yield crickets (or digital tumbleweeds); spending loads of cash on ads; and maybe even blaming the ever-changing algorithm (damn you Zucks!).

To skyrocket to industry FAME – that’s an acronym I’ll teach you to know (and love) later – you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done before. Especially if your audience isn’t overflowing with the ‘right people’ (you know, the ones kicking down doors to work with you).

To be seen as (and feel like) the ‘REAL DEAL’, you’re going to have to *gasp* build your damn profile and position yourself as an influential voice in your niche. I know, I know… I can hear your cries from here: “but how and what and WHERE do I start?”

Hey, I’m Anna – your visibility coach.
I totally get how daunting it is to put yourself out there: knowing what to say, how to say it and who to say it to can leave you feeling overwhelmed and ready to put the whole idea into the ‘too hard basket’.
I’ve infused more than a decade’s worth of PR & Brand experience, working with some of Australia’s biggest homegrown brands (think Cotton On, Typo, ergoPouch, Myer and Cotton On KIDS), into this program.
Together, we’ll create a foolproof plan (tailored to YOUR brand) to get you the FAME and recognition you deserve – and the right opportunities – all while working towards your biz goals and growth.
It’s time to be your own Hype Woman, be visible to be known, and take your biz to the next level. I know it’s scary, but if there’s one thing I know to be true it’s this: all the glory you crave is ‘out there’ let’s go get it!
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Step into the limelight and claim your space with Be Your Own Hype Woman.
A 6-week, totally online, experience designed to build your confidence, explode your reach and put YOU on the radar of the right people. 


Did somebody say ‘bonuses’?! Yes, it was me, I said bonuses!
Wouldn’t it be nourishing to feel fully supported so you can stand out?
Don’t worry, I’ve got you…

Private Facebook Group

This is my pride and joy, the cherry on top of everything I do. We’d love to have you join our collaborative community for purpose-led women who want to hone their skills and gain the support they need to show up and share their passion on a bigger scale. Everyone in our community is keen to collaborate, share their experiences and support one another to be seen, heard and recognised as influential voices beyond their immediate circles.

Mindset Mastery Module

To get you tapping into your inner powerhouse and showing up with confidence, you’ll get access to mindset tips and tricks designed to make visibility feel fantastic. Don’t miss the exclusive confidence meditation recording with Qualified Psychologist and mediation guide Kelley Reynard from Kokoro Health, designed to hit your imposter syndrome head on. 

Interview Preparation Guide

Knowing what to say when you’re in the limelight can be nerve wracking. But don’t panic: my Interview Preparation Guide will have you nailing those podcasts, media or IG Live interviews in no time flat.

Hype Kit Builder

Being your own hype woman means pumping yourself up. Not sure how to do that? My Hype Kit Builder will help you assemble everything you need to get out there with gusto.

Why join Be Your Own Hype Woman? It’s for you if you want to...

● Stop saying YES to every damn thing and go after the opportunities that actually make an impact (and influence those money-generating activities)

● Start showing up and attracting clients rather than waiting for them to come to you

● Spend less time creating content because you know what to say and how to say it across ALL the channels (talk about MEMORABLE)

● Start looking and sounding more professional, building credibility and trust with the right clients

● Feel excited to talk about your biz and share it with others on a bigger scale

● Establish yourself as the influential voice in your niche (the one that everyone can’t help but recommend).
Okay, so what’s the investment?
Be Your Own Hype Woman is a 6-week, totally online, program designed to build your CONFIDENCE, EXPLODE YOUR REACH and put YOU ON THE RADER of the RIGHT PEOPLE
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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $279: Fast track your results with a 90 Minute 1:1 creative workshop with Anna. Together we’ll get creative and define what you want to be known for, we’ll build out a storybank of ideas to help position you as an influential voice in your industry so you can get cut-through with your pitching to media outlets and other opportunities that align with your biz, so you can achieve the exposure and recognition your deserve! This is an amazing one time offer price of $279. Normal price $497.

Dynamically Updated
Yours For Just $497 Today!


Who is Be Your Own Hype Woman for?

This program is for energetic service-based business owners (or some product-based business owners) wanting to build a rock solid personal brand to explode the sales of their products and services. Basically, if you want to put yourself out there a step into the limelight, you’ll get a lot of out of this experience!

How many hours do I need each week to work on this program?

Be Your Own Hype Woman is a self-paced digital course created with the busy biz owner in mind. It has been designed to span across 6 weeks with the idea that you spend around 2 hours each week working through the modules (but you can go as fast or slow as you like!). All the supporting videos are bite-sized, no more than 3 minutes long, so you can easily watch and get stuck into working through the worksheets, and utilise the plug-and -lay templates along the way.

I’m afraid to put myself out there – eeek!?

I get it – and don’t panic! Doing something new is always going to create a little fear because you’re stepping into the unknown. But I’ve walked dozens of women through this process and I won’t leave you in the dark. We’ll conquer that mountain together! 

What if I’m not happy with the program?

I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase so that is why I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all my programs.

Will I actually get face time with you?

The short answer: yes and no. This is a solely digital program, but as a bonus for joining, you get free access to the Be Your Own Hype Woman private Facebook Community. I will be dropping in and answering some of your questions, providing live trainings (about things like elevator pitches, interview skills and brand collaborations), and guest expert Masterclasses from time-to-time.

You’ve also got the option of adding on a 1:1 Workshop with me. Together we’ll get creative and define what you want to be known for through your Hype Pillars. Then, we’ll build out a storybank of ideas to help position you as an influential voice in your industry so you can get cut-through with your pitching to media outlets and other opportunities that align with your biz.
Here’s a reframe for you: It’s not about who you know…it’s about who knows you
Imagine if your people (aka the RIGHT PEOPLE) knew exactly who you were and what you stand for. How much easier would your life be if they were coming TO YOU because you keep showing up in all the right places? It’s all possible for you – but it starts by becoming visible and being seen. That’s the gateway to abundant dream clients, a cataclysmic email list, raving brand fans and the cash monies! Don’t let your fear of standing out keep you hiding inside: FAME and fandom is yours, if you’re ready to step up and take it.
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